Tips To Protect Your Hair While You Are Sleeping

A goodnight’s rest can do wonders for your mane! Be gentle with your hair and it will show you the best results. Take a look below at these 5 simple tips that will get your hair looking fly. Tips To Protect Your Hair While You Are Sleeping 1. Brush Through Before you go to bed, brush all those knots away. Brush your hair from root to tip. Each brush stroke helps move your scalp’s natural oils through your hair. This will save you a lot of time in the morning, since you have no tangle worries! 2. Twist And Rise For those natural beachy waves, tie your hair into a topknot using a scrunchie. Use a hair band that is gentle and doesn’t pull your hair. Once you untie it in the morning, you will get beautiful envious waves, without using heat! 3. Silk Always Always use a silk pillowcase, it leaves your hair damage free. Cotton pillowcases tend to break your hair and leave it knotted in the morning. A silk pillowcase will drastically reduce hairfall. 4. Dry Hair Sleep with dry hair. Wet hair is fragile and tends to break easily. This also helps your hair set in the morning. 5. Apply A Treatment Nourish your hair with an oil or a leave-in cream that will give your mane some hydration. Apply it to the ends of your hair and have a goodnight’s rest. This will leave your hair looking moisturized and shiny the next day. Take a look at your hair resolutions for the year, here
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