Tips To Reduce Hair Static In Winter

If you live in a cold climate, you’ve probably experienced the most annoying mane situation, static hair! Suddenly, the ends of your hair are flying away and it feels like all hydration has been sucked out. But don’t stress, these tips below will help you get rid of it completely. Tips To Reduce Hair Static In Winter 1. Rub Dryer Sheets On Your Hair This is an oldie, but a goodie. Gently running dryer sheets over your strands or your brushes will work wonders to kill electric charges that have built up. 2. Cool Trick Rub a dryer sheet along your pillow before going to sleep and say goodbye to static hair. 3. Use Hair Spray This is an often used trick, spray your comb with a bit of hairspray then run it through your hair to tame those flyways. 4. Dry Your Hair With Care Use a blow dryer to dry your hair after using some serum to protect your hair from the heat and to leave it feeling smooth. 5. Comb It Out Plastic combs will make the static problem worse. Use wooden combs as it doesn’t hold any charge and will not cause static situation. 6. Dress Your Strands To further prevent hair from acting like a sponge and soaking moisture in the air, dress your strands in a protective, soothing coat regardless if your hair's dry, curly, or straight!
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