Tips To Sport Those Hair Extensions to Perfection

Hair extensions truly are a blessing! They give us the volume and length we want anytime and completely transform our look. However, wearing extensions can be tricky since most of us get it done at the salon. With these easy steps you won’t have anything to worry about. Tips To Sport Those Hair Extensions to Perfection 1. Tease to the Max In order to keep your clip in extensions in place you should tease your actual hair all the way from your roots to your tips. This will help because it’ll give an impression of voluminous hair hence hiding the extensions. This would also help hold the clips in place. 2. Match the Fake to the Real If your wearing synthetic extensions, add a little shine serum to your natural hair because synthetic extensions tend to have a glossy look. However, if you’re wearing real human hair, you can style it however you like. 3. Place At An Angle If you are having trouble making your hair extensions blend naturally, try placing them at an angle. This will give you a softer look, while giving you more volume and bounce. It will also give your hair a more defined, natural look. 4. Brush It Out One thing that many struggle with is blending natural hair and hair extensions hair. The best way to do so is to brush your hair and the extension together. After placing your extensions, securely brush your hair from top to bottom. Style after as desired.
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