To All The Hairstyles I’ve Loved Before

With the Netflix movie- “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” trending and taking the internet by storm, we couldn’t help but get on this bandwagon and think about some of the iconic hairstyles that have trended over the years. From bobs to the messy buns, everyone has their own favourites. Let’s look into some of our top picks! bob haircut hairstyles Courtesy: Pinterest| @hairstylemonkey

1. The Bob Hairstyle

The sizzling bob haircut that made its first appearance in the 90s is a classic till date. Many women followed this trend and decided to chop their beloved tresses to sport this chic and sophisticated haircut. Give this haircut the glass shine with the help of the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine. Curly Hairstyles Courtesy: Pinterest|@totalbeauty

2. Thick Luscious Curls

Thick luscious curly hair has been trending for a while now. People with this hairstyle carry them with so much panache that even people blessed with straight hair want to take the twirled route. Hence, it is no surprise that this hairstyle is embedded in our favourites list. Enhance your curls by applying some of the BBLUNT High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream. .Captivating Waves

3. Captivating Waves

The enchanting wavy hair has been a Bollywood favourite and has been donned by the tinsel town beauties time and again. Whether weddings or vacation, this hairstyle just brings up the glam quotient. No wonder that this is our all-time favourite hairstyle! We know you can’t get enough of the tinsel town beauties and are always on the look for more. Stalk them some more by checking out Divas Who Wowed Us At The Vogue Beauty Awards 2018
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