Top 5 Easter Hairstyle Looks

Easter is the time where you can wear a wacky and creative styles. Whether you plan to keep things simple or going big and bold, there is a perfect hairstyle out there for you to accompany any plans this Easter. Here are five of our favorite hairstyles. Top 5 Easter Hairstyle Looks Curly Faux Hawk Courtesy: 1.  Curly Faux Hawk Girls with curls, here’s a hairstyle that is perfect for showing off your edgy side. It’s a lot of twist outs and two strand twists styles. They’re versatile and super easy to maintain. Kareena-Sleek Pony Courtesy: 2.  Sleek Pony You can always keep it simple with a wispy ponytail. It’s easy to do and simple to maintain, giving it a casual yet stylish look. Basket Weave Hair Courtesy: 3.  Basket Weave Hair The basket weave hairdo uses four or more partitions of hair that are woven together in a checkered pattern to resemble a woven basket. You can also combine this hairstyle with a braided headband to give it your own unique twist. Beachy Waves Courtesy: 4.  Beachy Waves This style gives your hair some dramatic flair with waves that are perfect for long and short styles. It’s an apt hairstyle for a casual look. Fishtail Crown Courtesy: 5.  Fishtail Crown This is an ethereal and sweet hairdo, to spruce up your look. Make two chunky fishtail braids and wrap them around your head like a crown.
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