Top 5 New Year Looks To Pick From For This New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve is a magical night and is the perfect time to try out new trends and glam hairstyles that we are otherwise apprehensive to try. A divine new year hairstyle can make your whole look. That’s why it should be chosen as carefully as your outfit. New Years is when you can go all out and spruce up the most glamorous hairdos. Hit the party with that perfect hair and OOTD to gram the night away. 

Let us look into some of the easiest yet chic new year hairstyles to get you inspired for the most dazzling night of the year.

#1. The Not So Boring Luscious Wavy Curls


Nothing speaks chic and glamour more than the perfectly styled luscious wavy curls! This is the perfect new year look to uplift any outfit. All you need to do is prep your hair with something that will give the enhancement that your twirls need. Then divide your hair into sections and spray on some of the heat protection mist to help protect your manes from the heat. Now, with a narrow barrel curling tong, curl your mane. Tease them a bit to give a more unkempt and voluminous effect.

Finish it off with some of the finish spray so that your curls stay intact throughout the party. 

#2. A Clean and Chic High Ponytail for That Out of Face Look


If JLo can do it, so can you! The way to add the chic quotient to a new year look is to don the avant-garde version of a high ponytail. Start by spraying some of the Volumizing Leave-in Spray to give the extra volume and lift that this hairstyle requires. Then divide your hair into two halves. Grab all of your hair and tie a nice high ponytail and secure it with a tie. Then take a few strands at a time, start twirling the same and pinning them into the bun. Fluff the same with the help of a tail comb carefully.

#3. The Care-Free Half-Up Hairstyle


Nothing screams NYE more than half-tied hair with curls. This is a pretty simple new year look to create. If you have straight hair, then first curl them. Then taking less than half the hair from the crown area, tie a high pony. Hide the elastic band by taking a few strands of hair and wrapping them around the pony. Secure the same with some bobby pins. Spray some of the shine spray on your ponytail and let your hair do the magic! 

#4. The Lazy Loose Ponytail


If you are someone who likes to keep it simple yet sophisticated then this new year look is for you, go for the easy-peasy ponytail. This hairstyle will take a few minutes to create as all you need to do is curl the ends of your hair and tie them in a low ponytail. If you have bangs or layers, then create a side parting and let the few strands in front loose. This will give a more relaxed yet chic look to the hairstyle. Give the gloss to this look by spraying the shine spray. And voila you’re all set to welcome 2022. 

#5. Sleek Hair with Funky Clips

The hairstyle that rules 2021 is hands down the funky chunky clips from Y2K. From celebrities to models, everyone has just fallen in love with this look and made it extremely popular. If you are one of the few who still haven’t tried this hairstyle, then there cannot be a more perfect time than New Year’s Eve. All you need to do is straighten your hair or curl it as you like it and spray some of the heat protection mist before you touch those hot tools. Once, you’re done styling clip up your bangs with the clips to add that glamour. 

#6. Colour Your Hair For A Makeover

Ever heard the phrase, New Year, New You. There is nothing more than colouring your mane that will completely change your appearance and give you the new year look you desire. If you have always wanted to change your mane game but hesitated, be bold and try in a shade that you would want. With a wide range of colours, you will be left spoilt for choice. The bonus? It won’t pinch your pocket at all! 

There, with these hairstyles, we bet you will look no less than a Bollywood diva for your New Year’s Eve bash. 

Intrigued to colour your mane but don’t know which one to go for? Let the Hair Colour Trends for You To Try In 2022 Inspire You.

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