Top 6 Quick and Easy Hairstyles For Busy Moms

Hello busy moms! Maintaining yourself and taking care of the entire house can be daunting. We know you’re a busy mother and you don’t have enough time in the morning. That’s why we have gathered some of the quickest and easiest hairstyles for you to style, so that you never go out of fashion and yet look stylish with all the hustle.
quick and messy braided bun Image courtesy: @graziauk | Pinterest

1. Quick Braided Bun

For the days when you’re in a rush and want your hair out of your face, this look will surely inspire you. To achieve this look, start by taking all your hair at one side and braid them all the way down. Now, twist the braid and turn it into a bun, secure it with bobby pins and there you have it. Elegant and simple to take your boring buns up a notch!
twisted and sleek low bun Image courtesy: @graziauk | Pinterest

2. Twisted Low Bun

Simple and chic twisted low buns are a total savior when you’re in a rush. This hairstyle can take you from the gym to the office and then to a cocktail party really quick! Start by brushing your hair to remove any tangles. Now, divide the section of your crown and gather all your hair together. Twist your hair and make it into a bun at the level of your neck, secure with bobby pins and spray some of the once you’re done!
beach waves on open hair Image courtesy: @ graziauk| Pinterest

3. Beach Waves

Beach waves are universally adored! They are super easy to style and all you moms are going to totally love it. To get those perfectly set beach waves, start by applying some of the Now divide your hair in two sections and twist them all the way down. With the help of a hair straightener, press it over your twisted hair. Once done, toss your hair and you have beautiful beachy waves in no time. We assure you will be grabbing a lot of eyeballs with this look!
loose twisted ponytail Image courtesy: @unite_hair| Instagram

4. Topsy Tail

This hairstyle is surely going to make heads turn! Transfer your standard ponytails into a tipsy or topsy tail! To achieve this look, start by gathering your hair into a loose pony tail, poke the finger of one hand up through the hair and create a “pocket” of space. Keeping the pocket open with fingers, flip the ponytail up and through it and pull the ponytail down to tighten it. There you have it, simple fashionable for your everyday hair struggle!
chignon buns Image courtesy: @unite_hair| Instagram

5. Easy Chignon

One of the best things about chignon buns is that they are extremely versatile. If you are looking for something to spice up your daily boring buns, this easy chignon bun will give you some inspiration. To create this hairstyle, start by grabbing all of your hair and gently twist them from the nape of your neck to the ends. Now, begin folding it in a counter clockwise circle. Secure it with bobby pins, there you have it, easy chignon bun for all you busy moms!
pompadour hairstyle on short hair Image courtesy: @hairdohairstyle | Pinterest

6. Short Hair Pompadour

For all you moms who have short hair, this is how you add a little twist to take your hairstyle and up your hair game! Short hair pompadour is easy, quick and super chic. Before you start your hairstyle make sure your hair is clean and damp. To give your hair a defined smoothness and to control your hair frizz apply some of the Once done, start by lifting the crown hair in the upward directions with the help of a comb. With these easiest and chic hairstyles, you will surely end up looking like a boss mother! Want to know more hairstyles for moms? Check out Celebrating Bollywood Mother’s and Their Hairstyles.
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