Top Hair Trends From Around The World

2019 is the year to break every stereotype and start a new trend! The New Year started with an all new host of hairstyles and hair trends waiting to be experimented with. We can see the return of 90’s with the redefined versions of the long bob along with varied forms of braids and hair colours. Here is our list of the top hair trends from around the world that are going to totally rock this year!
Short hair trends Courtesy: Pinterest

1. Short Wavy Bob

This short wavy bob is very convenient and hassle free for girls on the go, who hardly have the time to style their hair in the morning. The added benefit of this hairstyle is that it’s really trending at the moment and you can sport this hairstyle no matter the type of your hair! Prep your hair easily using the which would keep them intact all day long!
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2. Rounded Bob

The long bob has ruled our hearts for the past few years now, but 2019 is the year of the rounded bob! Unlike the A-line bob or the blunt bobs seen earlier, this rounded bob is a softer version and adds a feminine charm to your face. It’s also easy to maintain since all you need to style the rounded bob is a round brush, a diffused hair dryer and the tiniest amount of the
Hair trends from world Courtesy: Pinterest

3. The Short Bangs

Craving for a change without commitment? We get you girl! Short bangs with a classic centre parted look is exactly what you need, to stay on trend without making a drastic change to your look. If your face is round or heart shaped, this hairstyle will give you the illusion of a longer face and higher cheekbones! Keep the look chic and glossy with the
Hair trends 2019 Courtesy: Pinterest

4. The Undercut

The trendiest hairstyle of the year has to be the Undercut! If you desire to get a bit of an edgy look without having to flaunt it at your workplace, then the undercut is the way to go for you! Since it cannot be seen unless your hair is lifted up, it’s the perfect way to play peek-a-boo with the latest trends. If your hair resolution was to try out something new this year, then this is the hairstyle you simply can’t miss out on.
Haircuts 2019 Courtesy: Pinterest

5. Asymmetrical Cut

If you struggle with thick tresses and want to play with your look a bit, then the asymmetrical haircut is made for you. It helps take off the extra thickness and yet doesn’t compromise on the volume. It also gives your hair more body and bounce so that you have plenty of room to play with short hairstyles as much as you would like!
Hair trends 2019 Courtesy: Pinterest

6. Low Messy Bun

Meghan Markle’s signature hairstyle is definitely amongst the top trends this year as well. The easy to maintain, low messy bun is one hairstyle that every girl can sport at any time of the day. It not only keeps your hair out of your face but also gives a soft, elegant touch to your look. Pair this look with some big hoops and you are ready to take on anything that life throws your way! We’re convinced that with these hairstyles in tow, your hair game is going to stay on point all through the year! Worried about Dull And Thin Hair? Here’s What You Need!
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