Top Hairstyle Trend set by Blake Lively

Courtesy: Instagram | @blakelively Is it just us or are we all addicted to Blake Lively’s effortless hairstyles? Looks like she never had a bad hair day. She makes the most of her beautiful luscious hair by experimenting with different hairstyles. From classic hairstyles to braids and buns, this Gossip girl has a lot in store for you. We are tracking down some of the best hairstyles trends set by this diva. Blake Lively HairstylesCourtesy: Instagram | @blakelivey

1. Neat And Sleek Look

She definitely looks runway ready. Doesn’t she? Sleek at the front and classic waves at the back, Blake has perfectly mastered this sexy look. Don’t worry it’s easy to get the glossy and shiny hair! After completing the hairstyle, just spray some of the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine Blake Lively HairstylesCourtesy: Instagram | @blakelively

2. Puff it up

Breathtakingly beautiful! We know you can’t stop staring at this fun, flirty and chic look. This half-up-half-down hairstyle is perfect for any day or night event. Blake Lively HairstylesCourtesy: Instagram | @blakelively

3. Polished Pony

Learn from Blake how to turn a casual ponytail into a more poised and elegant look. Bouncy ponytail with a sleek front is perfect for an evening event. Not sure if you can pull Blake’s well-done ponytail in this humid climate? Fret not and use the BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-FrizLeave-InIn Cream for  smooth and manageable hair to work on. Blake experiments with her hairstyles with different haircuts. If you are about to get one, then check out the 5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Haircut.
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