Top Hairstyles At The IPL 2017 Season

Through their class, style, quirky personality, our cricketers make headlines for all reasons, on and off the field. Check out the top hairstyles spotted on the field this IPL season. Top Hairstyles At The IPL 2017 Season virat kohli Courtesy- 1. Virat Kohli Virat is known for his uber cool and unique hairdos. This IPL season, he’s spotted on the field in a faux hawk haircut with his hair short on the sides and leveled on the top, which he’s combed sideways as opposed to letting it drift back naturally. yuvraj singh Courtesy- 2. Yuvraj Singh Always known for his great sense of style, Yuvraj upped his style quotient this cricket season by sporting a different hairstyle which is curly on the top and combed sideways, and shaved side hair.   shikhar dhawan Courtesy- 3. Shikhar Dhawan Shikhar, known for his famous moustache twirl, opted for a cleaner, cropped crew cut. It’s the perfect haircut to beat the summer heat. Kudos to Dhawan for pulling off this look! hardik pandya Courtesy: 4. Hardik Pandya Hardik is always seen experimenting with his styles. This IPL season, he is seen sporting a funky disheveled look, with a short, sharp side and back. Check out How To Get Virat Kohli’s Famous Hairstyles .
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