Travel Chic Like Kangana Ranaut

Where most of us complain about wearing a saree to a family function, Kangana slays one while travelling! There is no denying that Kangana is her own competition when it comes to slaying at fashion, especially with her airport looks. The diva shows us exactly why she is known to be a fashion icon by donning a messy bun with a simple cotton sari. If you have stalked Kangna enough like us, you will realise that messy bun is one of her go-to hairstyles. So the next time you are off to the airport in a hurry, you know just which hairstyle to pull off to look chic and sophisticated like Kangana. If you have curly locks like Miss Ranaut, always keep handy the BBLUNT High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream that not only enhances your curl but also keeps the frizz away. Another product that can save lives is the BBLUNT Back To Life Beach Please Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness that provides instant freshness to greasy locks. Just spray it on the go and you are any event ready as soon as you land! Can’t get enough of the celebrity airport style inspiration? Check Our Favourite Celebrity Airport Looks
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