Trending Hairstyles For Men This Season

Courtesy: samachar nama With the horizons of men’s mind constantly increasing, it is not a surprise to find cool new hairstyles for men nowadays. Gone are the days where only women used to go with magazine cuts to get a particular hairstyle, we now have the guys rushing to the barber with references now. Let’s look into some trending hairstyles for men that caught our eye. Men Pompadour Hairstyles Courtesy: Pinterest|@hiphype

1. Pompadour

Voluminous and dramatic, this hairstyle has been passed down through generations and has managed to still stay in trend. To achieve this look, hair needs to be longest in the front and gradually shorten towards the back of the head. Use the BBLUNT Total Control Maximum Hold Fibre Paste to slick those strands and make them stay in place. Men slick back Hairstyles Courtesy: Pinterest|@menshottesthairstyles

2. Slick Back

This hairstyle is a classic, favoured by most of the millennials. Just slick back your hair with the help of a comb, setting it in place with the help of the BBLUNT itMATTers Zero Shine Moulding Clay. Man Bun Hairstyles Courtesy: Pinterest|@styleanddesign

3. Man Bun

Many dismissed this hairstyle, calling it a fad, but man bun was here to stay. This is the hipster hairstyle that has gained quite a lot of popularity and has often been spotted on celebs. Just gather all of your hair and wrap it up in a bun and voila! Men Messy Waves Hairstyles Courtesy: Pinterest|@ukhairdressers

4. Messy Waves

Texture plays a major role when it comes to the trending hairstyles in 2018. Dishevelled crops and messy waves are replacing the smooth and flat styles. This is the perfect i-am-just-out-of-the bed look. Just rub some of the BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel, while tousling your hair and you will be good to go. Didn’t quench your thirst and looking for more hair inspo? Check out, 4 Men’s Hairstyles Trends That Here To Stay
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