Tress To Impress - Thomas Dawes Talks About BBLUNT

Thomas Dawes, the Creative Director of Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. was recently at ‘Bblunt’. With his motto of ‘don’t just serve your consumers — delight them senseless’, he shared his views on the hair trends of 2016. “I moved from London to Mumbai to help grow the company. I got married in mid-October and by the end of the month, we were making our career in a rickshaw — not exactly what my wife had in mind for a honeymoon! Having worked day and night, opening salons and academies across India, we started the year with five outlets and finished with 15. We worked tirelessly raising the visibility of the brand with the mission to create India’s greatest hair care and styling product range. Not just by fulfilling the burgeoning middle class’ desire for premium-mass products, but to disrupt, delight and dazzle the nation.” While he consistently pushed the boundaries to design the brand, the hair dressers also pushed the product quality with the customers. When asked about the latest trends for the year, he says, “There are still going to be classic hairstyles that’s going to be make the rounds but it will have its variations. We thought that 2015 would be ‘the year of the bob’ and it still continues to be so. Hair colouring is also becoming widely popular and people are ready to experiment as well. That’s why we’ve already introduced spray on hair colours where one can change colour for just one evening and go back to their normal ones the next day. The salt-and-pepper look is also a trend that we can look forward to this year, and beards are definitely here to stay.” Thomas is also impressed with the bold attitudes of Bengalureans in terms of hair styling. But he advises one to use the right products when experimenting. “When we worked on our products, we went around the globe and experimented with the top products. We found out which ingredient works best and which can be omitted. We realised that quinoa was a great ingredient that suits the Indian hair. It’s important that one uses the right product so that they can take care of their hair effortlessly and look good at the same time,” he explains. But what about the different types of water everyone in the country is exposed to? “We have tested our products with various hair to make sure that it suits all. However, some would require that extra pump to give it that push,” he adds. When asked about the three tips that one should always keep in mind for hair care, he says, “Firstly, condition your hair every time you wash it. Secondly, always carry dry shampoo in your bags. And most importantly, make sure you choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.” For further information click here.
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