5 Truths About Curly Hair Revealed

If you’re a girl with curls, you’re well aware of the effort it takes to care of your hair! All those times you had to struggle to get the comb through your stubborn tresses and the times you envied your friend with straight hair, we get it! Every girl with curly hair should be educated about how to deal with her hair so she can take care of it, style it and obviously flaunt it! Check out some truths about curly hair that you need to know. 5 Truths About Curly Hair Revealed

1. Curls don’t shine that easy Shine is something that curls shy away from. It’s not that easy to get curly hair shiny and sleek as straight hair. Then again, curly hair has its own charm doesn’t it? Light tends to bounce of straight hair and give it that added shine. With curly hair, the light gets trapped between your curls, which is why you hair isn’t as shiny.

2. Moisture is their motto Curly hair is special and so it needs special care and attention. Your natural hair oils don’t really reach the ends of your ringlets, leaving them dry and frizzy. Curls need a great amount of moisture to stay soft and shiny. Always remember to condition your curls well to show them some extra love!

3. Plop and style All you girls with curls should know how to plop! Plopping is essential to springy and shiny curls. How do you think all the ladies in the 80’s did it? Plopping is a traditional way to style those curls, simply apply your product to wet hair, flip your head over and wrap your hair into a turban. Wake up the next day with some fabulous springy ringlets!

4. Curls despise heat Yes ladies, your curls are not a fan of heat at all! Stay away from blow outs and straighteners and learn to embrace your natural, effortless curls. You could use a diffuser on low heat just to tame them a bit.

5. Different girls, different curls Your curls are solely yours and no one else’s! The texture, feel and type of your curls may not be the same as others. You are an original after all. Products and hair masks that work on your friends won’t necessarily work on your hair. It’ll take a bit of time & effort, but find out what works on your curls best and stick with it.

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