Two Minute Hairstyle When You’re Running Late – The Top Knot

Do you know what the worst nightmare can be? No, it’s not Freddy Kruger. But yes, it is hearing that clock go tick-tick and realizing that you’re running late! And the nightmare continues when you look into the mirror and realize that your hair is an absolute mess. Did your alarm clock let you down again, or are you just having a bad hair day? Don’t worry, because we have the perfect hairdo for you! Sounds too good to be true, well why not give it a shot yourself? Two Minute Hairstyle When You’re Running Late – The Top Knot Step 1 Gather your essentials! Your favourite rubber band and a bunch of bobby pins Step 2 Section your hair into 2 parts. Tie up the part on top, and leave the rest loose. Yes, this reminds us too of those tormenting school days. Twist the upper portion and make a bun, around itself, and neatly secure it with the help of your rubber band. You’re halfway through now! Step 3 Take the lower portion of your hair and wrap it round the existing bun, till almost all the hair is covered. Safely secure the ends of your hair with bobby pins all around. Step 4 Use a tail comb or some bobby pins to puff out your front hair. This will give it the formal chic look touch and will heighten your hairdo! Step 5 Use BBLUNT’s Spotlight Hair Polish to complete your look and give it that instant shine! That’s it, you’re good to go, in just two minutes! This Two Minute Top Knot is a must try, for days that you’re running late or even when you want to pull of that simple chic look.
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