Understanding Adhuna Bhabani - The Mystery Behind The Mane Marvel

She’s taken Bollywood by a storm by her spontaneity and her constant passion for the art of hairdressing! Adhuna Bhabani continues to inspire many in the field of hairdressing. Check out her story, right from the beginning, how our #GroomingGuru saw, learnt and conquered. Understanding Adhuna Bhabani - The Mystery Behind The Mane Marvel Adhuna Bhabani grew up in Liverpool, United Kingdom where she started out young at the age of 17, winning the under-21 national junior hairstyling championship in England. “I learnt the ropes pretty early in life working with Tony Connell at his own establishment, that’s when I decided that this is where I want to be, redefining style,” says Adhuna with intrigue and passion in her eyes. A young Adhuna Bhabani would get inspired by the ambience around her as she visit salons with her mother, “I guess I owe it all to my mother; she was the key person in my life who constantly inspired and encouraged me!” Soon, Adhuna Bhabani’s passion changed into obsession and she steered out to the intricate and competitive world of hairstyling. She came to India with her brother Osh and soon founded BBLUNT along with Avan Contractor, her partner in style! BBLUNT started off their Bollywood journey with Dil Chahta Hain and never stopped styling the industry ever since! “The journey’s been quite unreal and at the same time exhilarating.” says Adhuna. The BBLUNT journey didn’t just stop there, Adhuna Bhabani went on to create a line of great products in partnership with Godrej Consumer Products Limited. “Everyone is different; they have their own individualistic sense and style. Why should everyone think, talk & dress the same? Our culture, being so diverse gives us variations of hair types to deal with, and embracing each any every person’s hair type with tailor made products was the ultimate goal for us.” Adhuna Bhabani started with just a passion and an intense drive for hairstyling and she definitely soared heights! ‘’Never stop pursuing your dreams, never stop experimenting, cause I still am!’’ Adhuna Bhabani
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