#BoycottBoycut, A Grand Success! Say Hello To The Uni Cut!

Reporting live from the BBLUNT headquarters, we are sad (quite contrary!) to announce that the notorious “Boycut’ is no more. It was last spotted being snooty with its endless list of masculine notions and exiting the chat in shame, for good! And guess who showed it the door? You! Yes, you all did it together!

And like a phoenix from the ashes, we are proud to present…*drumroll, please*...

... the Uni Cut!

The story so far...

Ahead of celebrating International Women’s Day 2021, BBLUNT, the go-to, Indian haircare brand, carried out a campaign called #BoycottBoycut, wherein we asked you about your views on the term ‘Boycut’. More importantly, we asked for your help to re-define this medieval term. Without any surprise, everyone of you came together and came through! After going through the many innovative and quirky suggestions, we finally found a befitting term for this haircut. 

Uni Cut: Universal, Unisex, Unique, and United

The term ‘Uni Cut’ splendidly encapsulates the essence of this stunning haircut. 

For starters, it gives this eclectic haircut its rightful status of being a universal commodity. Secondly, unlike the ‘Boycut’, which imposed its masculine traits on a woman, the ‘Uni Cut” lies far beyond the conventional notions of gender. 

The Uni Cut aspires to bring out the individuality of every person - man, woman, or transgender - that wishes to don this haircut, making it a unisex cut at its core! On the other hand, it also brings out the uniqueness that resides in every person. 

Last, but not the least, it unites people who possess the will and guts to rock this hairdo.

BBLUNT has always been at the forefront of women empowerment. But the true credit of this revolutionary change goes to you. It wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Thank you for helping create a difference that looks quite small from afar but will bring about a huge impact on various minds in the days and years to come. Bravo! 

So, what are you waiting for? Now to spread the word and enlighten others about the ‘Uni Cut’. Let’s break the internet and make the move in a better direction.

Here’s how you can do it: 

Go to your Instagram, and post a picture or story in your favourite ‘Uni Cut’ look, or tag a friend who rocks this stunning haircut. 

On that note, BBLUNT wishes you a very empowered and happy International Women’s Day! Keep slaying, keep inspiring, and #choosetochallenge everyday!

#IWD2021 #RIPBoycut #UNICUT

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