VanityVial Reviews BBLUNT's Dry Shampoo

Aren۪t there times when you are running late & have better things to do than going through the arduous process of washing your hair,waiting for them to dry & then styling them.The instant dry shampoo removes dirt,excess oil & sticky hair spray buildup in no time,without wetting them, rendering them clean,fresh & bouncy~Breathe life into limp locks & give them some much needed va va volume_..saviour for the girls on-the-go !!

Product Claims : Instant freshness is now a spray away.This dry shampoo(no water required)does a smooth job of absorbing excess grease,grime & revamps your hair in seconds.Don۪t leave home without it.Specially created for Indian hair.How to use :Shake well before use.Hold the can in an upright position,six inches away from the hair & spray evenly,close to the roots.Leave on for two minutes.Massage & brush thoroughly.

Price : INR 550 for 125ml

My experience with BBlunt back to life dry shampoo for instant freshness : Though the concept of dry shampoos has been around since the 18th century I have to confess this is my very first dry shampoo.For bad hair days,running late days,greasy days,gym days this product blasts oiliness into oblivion.It has a very simple application-all one needs to do is to shake well before use & spray evenly 6 inches away from the hair,focusing at the roots,leave in for 2 minutes & brush thoroughly until the powder is removed.

The dry shampoo is such a quick fix to refresh my hair.It gave my hair extra volume,bounce & texture by absorbing away the grease.Its extends the life of blow-outs as well.It can also be used as a styling aid to add a lil bounce on days when your hair seem flat at the crown.It smells fresh but not overpowering.It doesn۪t have a heavy feel in the hair & disperses beautifully.It۪s an incredibly light weight formula which sprays out more like a mist making it easy to use.Though it did leave a shade of white on my dark hair which brushed out easily later.

The experience hasn۪t convinced me to make dry shampoo a part of my regular routine,but I do feel safe knowing it is stacked in my vanity for those hair SOS moments___it۪s no replacement for the real thing.?

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