Varun Dhawan’s Style Game

Courtesy: Eastern Eye Ladies, this one’s for you. We’re all guilty of stalking Varun Dhawan’s Instagram and swoon over his pictures from time to time (or everyday), and there’s no shame in that, right? Look at him! We bet even the guys can’t help but check out his gym body and sexy hairstyles. For inspiration, of course. Let’s check out what our favourite Bollywood hottie has been upto and how he’s styling himself these days Varun Dhawan’s Style Game

Varun Dhawan October Promotions
Courtesy: Instagram | @varundvn

1. The Retro Look Busy with his newest film’s promotional tour, Varun is sporting a classic retro hairstyle these days. Side burns, pushed back wavy hair, it’s a hairstyle that never gets outdated, especially not when Varun is wearing it. Thinking of experimenting with your hair now? You need the BBLUNT Total Control Maximum Hold Fibre Paste to achieve the perfect retro look. It will make sure your hair stays in shape for as long as you want it to.

Varun Dhawan Hairstyle
Courtesy: Instagram | @varundvn

2. The Cute And Innocent Look Ah, this look is always a winner with the ladies. Who doesn’t love an innocent guy who only has eyes for you? It’s a hairstyle that requires minimum styling, and just a little bit of hair ruffling. Use the BBLUNT itMATTers Zero Shine Moulding Clay to get that just-out-of-bed head and wins some hearts. It could be your lucky day!

Varun Dhawan Body
Courtesy: Instagram | @varundvn

3. The Sexy Spikes Now here’s the Varun that breaks hearts. It’s hard to take your eyes off his shirtless chest, but look at his hair! It’s styled to perfection and we are in hair heaven. For the men out there trying to take a leaf out of Varun’s style book, the BBLUNT 3D Texturizing Wax Pasteis your best friend when you need to add texture, hold, and depth to your hairstyle. Go ahead and get that dream look! Can’t get enough of Varun’s best looks? Check out How To Get Varun Dhawan’s Filmfare Look.

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