Varun Dhawan's Hairstyle From The Latest Photoshoot

Varun Dhawan's Hairstyle From The Latest Photoshoot Varun Dhawan is the epitome of a Bollywood ‘hero’ with his handsome looks, rugged style and down to earth personality. This Bollywood heartthrob has been loved and adored by his fans for his casual and effortless style. In his latest photoshoot, he looks as dashing as ever with his long hair brushed back. Want to know how to get Varun Dhawan’s hairstyle? Keep reading as we show you step by step how to achieve it.

Step 1 Make sure your hair length is even throughout your hair. A medium-long length is perfect for this hairstyle.

Step 2 Run a comb through your hair and brush it backwards. Apply the BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel to give your hair a good hold and to make it look smooth and glossy.

Step 3 Use a comb and brush your hair backwards again, making sure all the hair is combed back into one direction. Give the ends of your hair at the back a little upward curve with your fingers and you’re done! Obsessed with Varun’s look? Check out Varun Dhawan’s Style Game for more inspiration from this handsome hunk.

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