Virat Kohli's Hairstyle Looks

The captain of the Indian Cricket Team is not less than a fashion icon. Virat is not only known for his ferocious striking rate but also for his enviable hairstyles. No matter where he is – on ground or off-ground, this hunk is always bang on with his style statement. Let’s check out the top 3 hairstyles endorsed by Virat in the past years. Virat Kohli's Hairstyle Looks virat kohli hairstyle Courtesy: Business Insider 1. Undercut Hairstyle Virat is currently flaunting the Undercut Hairstyle i.e. a regular Pompadour with short hair on the sides. The rest of the hair is kept longer and swept towards the back to get that stylish edge. To give your Undercut the right texture, shine, and hold you can apply BBLUNT Total Control, Maximum Hold Fibre Paste. virat kohli hairstyle Courtesy: One How To 2. Dapper Style To look cool in the summer heat, Virat was seen with this Dapper hairstyle. Simply apply a good amount of gel to make your hair stand straight and bend them to the left with your fingers. You can use BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel to give your hair a natural fullness, gloss, and the right amount of hold. virat kohli hairstyle 3. Cool Hairstyle Virat has endorsed this cool dude look quite effortlessly, several times. Simply create spikes and make two cuts with a razor above the ears to transform yourself into the new cool dude in town. You can use BBLUNT 3D, Texturing Wax Paste to get that right texture and sheen. To get Virat Kohli’s sexy GQ hairstyle, click here.
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