4 Super Handy Hacks For Big Bouncy & Volumized Hair

There’s nothing like natural bouncy hair, and we know how important it is to get it right and fast! Take a look below and boost that mane with bounce, shine and fun. 4 Super Handy Hacks For Big Bouncy & Volumized Hair 1. Volumizing Shampoo Too many products on the hair tend to weigh the hair down, instead use a volumizing shampoo. A great shampoo and conditioner will easily give you that bounce and shine you want. Lay off on those products that will make your hair limp and dull. Make sure you apply the conditioner only on your ends on not your roots. 2. Air Dry With Clips To get a natural and bouncy look, air dry your hair and clip up the fronts of your hair and roots with a big clip. Make a nice high bun and pin it up. You can keep re doing your look while your hair is air drying. So ladies, you don’t always need a blow dryer for maximum volume! 3. Mousse Magic If your hair really needs some lift; and your shampoo and conditioner are just not helping, then go for a volumizing mousse. Massage a dollop of it on your scalp when your mane is wet and let it air dry or blow dry it, your choice. 4. Hair Spray To set the look for long, spritz some hair spray on your mane. Hold it 8-10 inches away from your hair and spray it when your hair is upside down. Wait until it dries and then you can run your fingers through it. If you want last minute volume for a night out, check out how to use a hair extension to change your look for a party.
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