6 Things Only Girls With Wavy Hair Will Understand

If you have wavy hair you would probably nod your head as you read on! It looks voluminous and bouncy, but at times it turns into a big nightmare. Control those tangles, seize the frizz and get your waves on point. You are not alone in this battle of twists and turns. Take a look to know what we mean. 6 Things Only Girls With Wavy Hair Will Understand

1. The frizz always wins The heat styling, the leave-in creams and sprays have got nothing on your hair. The frizz overcomes all the products put together. Unfortunately, your wavy hair comes with a side of frizz. Deep conditioning and oil massages can help you curb the frizz.

2. Brushing your hair makes it gigantic Once you comb your hair, there is no going back to normal. Your hair becomes huge with just one stroke of your brush.

3. You cannot run your fingers through your hair Unless you have styled your hair, you cannot run your fingers through your hair. The waves and tangles make it impossible for your fingers to pass through.

4. Your hair always needs some styling Either a curling iron or a straightener is needed to put your hair altogether. You hair without the styling looks unkempt and does not flaunt the right shape you want.

5. Your hair gives you surprises If you let your hair dry on its own, you will never know what it is going to turn into. It could turn into one of Beyonce's looks or could just end up looking like a ball of frizz. This makes air drying your hair very risky, especially when you have an important night-out.

6. All those updos are a task You always need hairspray to set the bun right or your tie that ponytail high without those flyways getting in the way, or your hair just stays flat!

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