6 Ways To Air Dry Your Hair

Heat-free styling is the way to go! The heat only damages your healthy natural looking hair. Air drying has become a trending way of styling this year! Say no to heat and use these air drying tips to make your hair look ready for any occasion. Follow these simple steps for that perfect look without any heat damage! 6 Ways To Air Dry Your Hair 1. Condition right How amazing your hair looks when you air dry depends upon the conditioner that you use! Based on your hair type use products that will enhance your natural look! 2. Ditch the towel Using a towel to dry your hair only increases the frizz and removes more water than it should. Make use of a cotton t-shirt instead to dry your hair, it reduces the frizz and makes your hair looking smooth and shiny. 3. Get that comb on Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the knots from your hair. Once dried your hair will look fabulous! 4. Pick your product Choose the right styling product for your hair to give you that perfect look. Spread some on to your hair evenly to get best results. 5. Your hair style Depending upon the look you are going for, you will either need to scrunch your hair or comb it again. If you are going for volume, then scrunch your hair up for those glamorous waves. 6. Finish that look Add some styling product to set that final look. Once you apply the products, let your hair do all the talking!
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