Tips To Hide Those Greys

It’s not the grey hair but the way you cover your grey hair, which proves how wise you are! After all, the beauty lies in always keeping people guessing, so don’t let your greys stop you from slaying! All you need to do is follow these four easy steps and kiss those grey strands goodbye. Tips To Hide Those Greys 1.    Comb It The way you comb your hair makes a big difference to those greys. You can hide those greys when you style them the right way. Your hair style should be such that your greys should be covered by your shiny black hair. 2.    Colour Away Get rid of those greys with a glorious hair colour. Choose a hair colour that goes well with your skin tone and facial structure. Go for no ammonia and 100% grey coverage hair colour products. Our Salon Secret range of hair colours come in 7 blockbuster shades and give your hair insane shine and vibrant colour. 3.    Oiling Regularly A good oil massage can help get rid of those greys and white hair completely. Oil massages give your hair the nourishment it needs. Try to use oil on your hair at least twice a week to get rid of your greys. With a variety of hair oils in the market, choose one that suits your hair well. 4.    Mask It Up Homemade masks such as henna, egg and yogurt help in making the grey hair black and shiny. These natural ingredients nourish your hair and bring back your natural hair colour.
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