5 Ways To Use Your Curling Iron The Right Way

Are you sure you۪re curling your hair correctly? Well, you can get natural looking curls if you use your curling iron the right way! With these 5 tips you get those voluminous curls you have always wanted. 5 Ways To Use Your Curling Iron The Right Way 1. Prep for best results Before you use the curling iron on your hair make sure to apply some heat protectant serum to save your hair from damage. Blow dry your hair to close up the cuticle and help hold the curls together. If your hair is a little rebellious, add on some hairspray before you use the curling iron. 2. Get those curls right Decide your parting so you know which way to curl your hair! To get a natural look, curl your hair away from your face. Wind your hair downwards and around the iron in a clockwise direction on the right side of your face and counter-clockwise on the left side. 3. Turn the iron and don۪t twirl your hair Use the iron to help give you those natural looking curls. Hold the iron so the barrel (the hot part) is facing down towards the floor, then wrap your hair around it, starting from the roots and locking your ends in last. This will not only make your curls last longer but it will also give you more volume at the roots. Make sure you don't twist the hair at all before winding it around the barrel as this will prevent the heat from distributing evenly on the hair. 4. Size matters A smaller iron is better than a larger one! You can do a lot with your hair using a one-inch barrel. If you want those loose waves, just take a larger section of your hair and voila, your look is ready. 5. Don۪t be in a hurry Curling too much of your hair all at once, is not a good idea. The heat will not be evenly distributed when you take larger sections of your hair to curl. Wrap small sections of your hair around the barrel of your iron and make sure the sections are of different sizes to help give you the most natural curls!
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