5 Ways To Maintain Your Hair In The Mumbai Weather

While we love almost everything about Mumbai, what really tests most of our patience is the humid weather. Humidity does all kinds of things to our manes and results in frizzy, uncontrollable and greasy hair. While we wish we could somehow change the weather altogether, that۪s obviously not possible! So here are a few tips to add to your hair care routine to cope with the infamous Mumbai weather. 5 Ways To Maintain Your Hair In The Mumbai Weather

1) Oil regularly To keep your hair strong and healthy in this humid weather, oiling can be essential. Oiling can make your hair go from dull and lifeless to smooth and shiny. We recommend you do this at least 2 to 3 times a week for better results and healthier hair.

2) Cold hair wash No, you do not need to have a cold shower throughout, however you need to make sure to wash your hair with only cold water. This will help to seal your pores and keep the moisture of your hair intact. If you really cannot stand cold water at all, washing your hair with lukewarm water works too. Make sure, though, you allow cold water on your manes at the end.

3) Avoid blow drying Mumbai۪s humidity can often steal the moisture from your hair and blow drying it will further strip off that moisture from your manes and make it worse. We۪re hoping humidity takes a backseat sometime soon and till then try to let your hair dry naturally.

4) Apply serum Post your hair wash, you could apply serum to damp hair and areas prone to dryness. Only use the required amount and try not to take too much of serum, or it might have exactly the opposite effect on your hair.

5) Keep your hair up Sometimes, no matter what you do, there۪s nothing you can do to beat the humidity and frizz. To stop your hair from the humid weather and frizzing more, it۪s best to tie your tresses into a bun or a ponytail when the weather comes to surprise you.

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