How To Nail The Perfect Messy Bun In 5 Easy Steps

Buns are something that will never go out of fashion. We see them on red carpets, runways, parties, celebrity night outs, at casual dinners and even at a workout! Buns are a versatile hairstyle. They range from the classic top knot to the sleek and glossy up-do and even the jazzy version of a bun – The chignon! However, a trending hairdo amongst many celebrities has been the messy bun. The messy bun has its own charm and beauty. You can sport it on days where the weather is hot or when you have 2nd day hair and still manage to look fabulous. The messy bun complements almost all outfits, be it a night out with your girls or a hectic day at the office. Check out some easy ways on how to nail the perfect messy bun! How To Nail The Perfect Messy Bun In 5 Easy Steps Step 1 Yes ladies, there’s finally a purpose for 2nd day, unwashed hair! Hair that has a little bit of natural oil helps hold the shape of an up-do. For a little bit of added texture to your messy bun, spray a bit of BBLUNT’s Back To Life Dry Shampoo. This will give your bun more volume and also take care of the greasy effect. You could also add a bit of gel to give your messy bun natural hold. Step 2 Tie your hair into a loose ponytail. It can be high or low, however you want it. Don’t worry about flyways, the beauty of this look is in its messiness! Step 3 Backcombing is essential! It’s the new addition to the bun game. Separate your ponytail into sections and tease it with a comb. This will give your bun the perfect texture & volume and keep you away from a sleek up-do. Step 4 Separate the teased sections of your hair and wrap it in opposite directions. Similar to how you would do while creating a top knot. Instead of pinning your hair in neatly, secure the ends of your hair with bobby pins to give it that effortless messy look. Step 5 If you feel the bun is too tight, gently tease it with your fingers from the sides. You can do this with a comb too. That’s it! All it takes is 5 easy steps to nail the perfectly imperfect bun. Go on, make a mess!
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