5 Awesome Ways To Make Your Hair Long & Silky Overnight

Want that silky feel to your long hair? Well, we have 5 tips that will help your hair get that look! You don’t need to have good genes to get shiny, silky and long hair; all you need is a good hair routine. 5 Awesome Ways To Make Your Hair Long & Silky Overnight 1. Your diet matters Green vegetables, milk, fish and vitamins help grow your hair longer and make it look silky and shiny. A nourishing diet prevents your hair from falling and helps it grow faster. Drinking two to three litres of water during the day is also important for your hair. Remember to take in all good and no junk before you sleep. This habit will go a ‘long’ way with your health and your hair, literally. 2. The right products Leaving product in your hair overnight is risky, so avoid leaving it on for too long. To get that silky feel to your hair, make sure to avoid using products that have alcohol in them. The alcohol tends to strip the natural oils from the hair and leaves it looking dry. Use moisturizing shampoos to get that silky feel back into your hair. 3. Are you combing right? Never comb your hair when it is wet, as this will cause excessive breakage. Mild pressure on the comb while combing your hair will increase blood circulation. Combing your hair twice daily helps getting that silky feel to it. The natural oils from your scalp get distributed to your hair tips, preventing it from dryness. Comb your hair the right way before you go to bed to wake up with silkier and more manageable hair in the morning! 4. Temperature should be cold If you like those late night hair washes, remember to keep it cold! We know it’s hard with the cold weather but always remember, after you wash your hair, rinse it with cold water. This helps to lock in the moisture and gives your hair that soft and silky feel to it. 5. Conditioner is a must Leave- in conditioners provide intense moisture to your hair to make it look lustrous. Apply the serum after you wash your hair and let it get absorbed for best results. Even natural hair masks made at home will provide the same results for your hair. You can leave it overnight for better results in the morning.
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