How To Oil Your Hair Correctly

                                                  Courtesy: Even though most of us find hair oils tacky, they are extremely essential for your hair. A few minutes of ‘champi’ is all you need to enjoy healthy, hydrated and lustrous locks. Read through to know how you should oil your hair.

How To Oil Your Hair Correctly 1. Right Choice You should choose hair oils depending upon the hair type. Dry hair type should go for coconut or almond oil. People with naturally oily hair should switch to olive or jojoba oil. If your scalp is dandruff prone, then there is nothing better than tea tree oil. 2. Warm Is Better Always warm up the oil before massaging. This increases oil penetration and the subtle warmth also has a calming effect. 3. Use Your Fingers The biggest mistake most people do is that they massage the scalp with their palm. Use your fingers instead to prevent breakage. Simply spread some oil on your fingers and massage gently. 4. Divide To Rule To ensure that the oil reaches the scalp, divide your hair into partitions. Create a segment to expose the scalp and then apply oil using your fingers. 5. Get Steamy To improve oil penetration and enhance blood circulation, steam your hair. All you have to do is wrap a hot towel around your hair for 5 to 10 minutes. 6. All Night Long The most ideal way is to leave the oil overnight and wash it off the next morning. To wash your hair use BBLUNT Shampoos and Conditioners that are formulated specially for Indian hair and weather. Find out more about your Morning Hair Care Routine.
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