5 Tips To Maintain Hair Colour

When we get bored with our hair and cutting it is out of the question then all we can do is change it! So, how do we change it? Colour it! Colouring our hair gives us that much-needed change without going short. Playing with those beautiful colours makes everything more fun! However, faded hair colour is something all us experimenters have faced. So we’re here to help you overcome this problem and to have fun with your hair.

5 Ways To Protect Your Hair Colour From Fading

1. Use a protective and nourishing shampoo Well we all know that once the colour has touched our hair it becomes extremely dry. It tends to get worse, rough and dry and is a perfect path to split ends! So to avoid such catastrophes, you can use BBLUNT’s Born Again Shampoo For Stressed Hair to keep that colour protected.

2. Oil your hair regularly Yes, the ancient and traditional method of oiling hair is what saves our gorgeous hair! You can do this once, twice or even thrice a week! The oil adds a layer of protection and shine. It protects hair colour from being washed off with water.

3. Turn down the water temperature when shampooing colour- treated hair When you shampoo it would be best if you could stick to lukewarm or cooler water temperatures. Hot water pulls out the dye out of the hair much faster. It strips the colour as it opens the pores of your hair allowing colour to escape.

4. Condition every time you shampoo No matter your hair type your hair needs conditioner once coloured! Using a colour protecting conditioner and it will add shine to your colour.

5. Apply leave-in treatments to protect colour Using a leave-in conditioning treatment can help detangle your hair and protect it from heat tools. Look for treatments specifically for coloured hair. This will definitely make your hair grow stronger and more vibrant over time!

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