5 Easy Ways To Style Your Ponytail The Right Way

It is easy to get that ponytail just right! This hairstyle goes with anything you decide to wear and wherever you decide to go! Bad hair days got nothing on you, with that ponytail! With these 5 simple steps, it۪s easy to get that ponytail just right. 5 Easy Ways To Style Your Ponytail The Right Way 1. Part your hair up To get that perfect ponytail, part the frontal section of your hair and make sure to comb the rest of your hair. This will give your pony tail an added definition. 2. Tie it up After you have thoroughly combed your hair, take back your locks and tie up those sections tightly. 3. Fasten the rest Gather up the rest of your hair and tie that section up tightly. Make sure there are no flyaways, we don۪t want to lose the sleek look of your ponytail. 4. Control that crown It is time for you to focus on the frontal part of your hair. When you make a ponytail, the puff at the front is one of the most attractive ways to get the right ponytail. Comb and back brush this area well. Use U-Pins or bobby pins to secure the locks at the back side. 5. Round that tail up Once you have pinned up the front locks at the back, wrap the remaining tail around the starting point of your ponytail and pin it up. There you go! Whether you۪re going to a college party, a night out or even an office conference your ponytail will give you an elegant and stylish look to stand out!
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