3 Ways To Style Your Hair While You Sleep

No time to style your hair in the morning? Are you worried your bed hair will ruin your look the next day? Styling your hair early in the morning while you۪re in a rush can be a tedious routine! Your best bet would be to experiment a little before you hit the sack. Relax, we۪ve got your back and your hair! Here are some easy ways to style your hair the night before. 3 Ways To Style Your Hair While You Sleep 1. The classic braid This is probably one of the most comfortable hairstyles to sleep in. Part your hair into 3 strands and play around with it a little and tie it 5cm before your ends. The braid can be kept either on your side or behind you (depends on what۪s more comfortable for you). Wake up to tangle-free braid waves! 2. Pin it up in a bun The best way to maintain curly hair is to tie your hair into a bun while you۪re sleeping. Collect all your hair strands as if you were to tie a high ponytail and roll your strands around your hand to finally tie it into a bun. If you don۪t have a hair tie, this trick works really well with a few bobby pins too. Start your day with some curls to go! 3. High or low ponytail Here۪s a simple hairstyle you could opt for while you sleep. A high or low ponytail will free your hair from curls and tangles the next morning. Make sure to tie it loose to avoid hair breakage and to avoid your hair from creasing.
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