5 Ways to Take Care Of Your Hair After The Gym

Working hard to get that fabulous body? And what about your hair? Don۪t let your hair lose that texture and shine just to get that hot bod. With these simple tricks, make your hair look glamorous as ever after your workout! 5 Ways to Take Care Of Your Hair After The Gym 1. Shower but don۪t shampoo Every time you shower after your workout, try not to shampoo your hair, it will only cause excessive dryness. Shampoo your hair once a week and use your conditioner when you shower to keep the moisture intact. 2. Stand-by the leave-in conditioner Before you blow dry your hair make sure to apply some leave-in conditioner to give that hydrated look to your hair. Not only will it protect your hair from the heat but also give your hair some bounce. Try out BBLUNT۪s Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream for smoother hair to complement your sexy body! 3. Comb it right After your workout, comb your hair the right way. Don۪t be brutal, simply comb out the knots lightly and make sure not to cause excess hair breakage. 4. Say yes, to dry shampoo! Keeping a dry shampoo in your gym bag is an absolute must! Spray some onto your hair after the workout to keep it looking fresh and hydrated at all times. You can use BBLUNT۪s Back To Life Dry Shampoo for instant freshness and go from greasy to gorgeous in minutes! 5. A little lifting & lemon juice Lemon juice is well known for its antiseptic properties. It can be used to clean the scalp and fight off the dandruff. Use a cotton ball to apply the same on to your scalp or mix it with water. The lemon juice will help to keep the sweat away after all that heavy lifting!
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