Ways You Might Be Shampooing Your Hair Wrong

Practice makes perfect, but not in all cases. Sometimes, knowledge makes perfect. You might shampoo nearly every day, but here’s something surprising, you’re probably doing it wrong! If you haven’t given your shampoo a second thought, think again. Want to know how to wash those lovely locks the right way and what not to do? Here’s your Shampoo checklist! Ways You Might Be Shampooing Your Hair Wrong Brush Before You Shampoo Brushing your hair before you shower, actually makes a difference. This ensures that your hair remains soft and smooth before you start shampooing. Three Time’s A Charm The most common question would probably be how often should you wash your hair? The simple answer is, three times a charm. Two-three washes a week is just the right amount to get you less damage and more drama! Hot To Cold Start your shower with warm water, as this opens up the cuticles of your hair and allows the shampoo to seep in. End your shower with cooler water so your hair is less damaged also benefiting the cuticles of your hair. Cold water, closes your hair cuticle as your let it pour on your hair. Good Once, Better Twice Shampoo not once, but twice to get the perfect look. The first time you shampoo is like a primer that washes away the existing products in your hair. The second time you shampoo actually allows the product to work. Indian hair, Indian weather need a thorough wash. The dust, grime in our city needs us to cleanse it perfectly and often. Wringing Wet Hair Wringing your wet hair out before you condition it helps the conditioner to stay. We don’t want the conditioner slipping away now, do we? Stay Away From The Scalp Girls, did you know, that the scalp produces natural oils enough, that it needs no conditioning. Use your conditioner from the middle lengths of your hair, all the way to the tips and watch the magical results! Mane Minutes The most common mistake we make is to wash off our conditioner as soon as we wash off our shampoo. Leave in your conditioner for a minimum of two minutes. The more the time, the more it will moisturize your mane. BBLUNT’s Born Again Shampoo is for stressed hair, and BBLUNT’s Full On Volume Shampoo is for fine hair. If you have normal hair, go for BBLUNT’s Perfect Balance Shampoo.  For seriously dry hair use BBLUNT’s Intense Moisture Shampoo and go from dry to dense. Try out BBLUNT’s wide range of shampoos to suit each hair type and follow these Simple Shampoo steps to keep your luscious locks intact!
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