We Decoded The Glass Hair Trend

Courtesy: toofab The trend which has taken the hair world by storm is none other than the Glass Hair Trend. Classy, sleek and glazing, this trend is here to stay. But, hold on, what is this glass hair trend, you ask? Glass hair is basically a sharp haircut that is styled to perfection. As the name suggests, it appears to be dreamily carved out of glass. So exactly how do you achieve this lust-worthy hair? Just follow these simple steps!

1. The Haircut

Glass hair basically revolves around the bob haircut. So getting a bob haircut which ends just below the jawline is the basic step in achieving this trend. Though many people like to do it to their longer mane too.

2. Flat Iron

After applying the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum, divide your hair into fine sections and straighten them with a flat iron. Getting sleek straightened hair is imperative in order to achieve this glass hairstyle.

3. Master Brushing

Now when we straighten our hair, we basically just straighten it. But to achieve the “glass” effect you need to introduce the brush in the step. The technique is to brush the hair on top of the flat iron and then pull down.

4. Seal It In

To achieve the coveted glass look, finish the hairstyle by spraying the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine. This will give your hair the shine required to achieve the perfect Glass hair! Go on, flaunt those tresses! With the kind of mood swings we have, our mane is always in for a surprise! Do your hair a favour by checking out these Party Hairstyles For Every Mood.
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