Wedding Hair Do's and Don'ts! Check them out

There can be nothing worse than a bad hair day, especially on your wedding! It’s one of our top five nightmares. Every girl dreams of a perfect fairytale wedding where everything falls into place and we’re here to make sure you can tackle those wedding hair woes! Wedding Hair Do's and Don'ts! Check them out 1. Plan Ahead If your hair is coloured or treated, make sure there is plenty of time between your big day and the routine. The extra time will help your hair sit more naturally and will give out better texture. In case of a disaster, you always have time to tackle it. 2. Loosen Those Tresses Whether you’ve booked a stylist or are doing your hair yourself, if you are doing your hair way in advance, make sure to loosen your style. Eventually a tight hairstyle can become loose and cause a literal headache 3. Be Neat Get a good trim before your wedding day. This will make your hair look healthy and eliminate split ends. 4. Get A Hair Trial Since everybody’s hair is different, it is imperative that you book a hair trial so you can understand your options and get the perfect look for your big day. 5. Don’t Forget Hair Accessories When you ramp up the perfect outfit with gorgeous jewelry, don’t leave your hair out! Add extra oomph to your look by getting a pretty hair accessory as they are totally trending right now.
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