Wedding Tips For Bridesmaids

These tips will cover all your bridesmaid problems. Keep it glamorous and subtle for the wedding day. Be comfortable so that you can be of assistance to your best friend on her big day. So, get your wedding planner out and take a quick look below. Wedding Tips For Bridesmaids 1. Retro Glamour The latest Hollywood bridesmaid trend is having a heavy side part with S pattern waves and one side pinned behind the ear. Bridesmaids should look fresh and stylish too on the big day. Based on their chocolate side, you can flip over that heavy parting. 2. No Matching Sometimes twinning ain’t that good! Bridesmaids can select their own style for the dress and hair! All that needs matching is the colour and fabric. You want to look coordinated without having to match as much. According to your bridesmaids facial structure and body type certain styles would look better than the rest, so let them make the decision. 3. No Stress You need to be there for the bride that day and not hassle over your hair or dress. Book your salon appointment for the day or you could get the same bounce and shine right at home with the right hair products. Go for a hairdo that complements you and doesn’t get in the way of your bride duties! 4. When In Doubt If you are still contemplating over the hair do, keep it simple. Always keeping it classic is a real show stopper. A half-up, half-down look goes with anything you decide to wear, so when in doubt go half up and half down. To check out what your bridal hairstyle says about you, click here
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