Unique Hair Trends To Try This Season

A makeover often begins with transforming the hair. Bored of your regular ‘do? Who’s stopping you from going crazy with your hairstyles? You’ll be surprised with the kind of things people around the world do with their hair, and trust us, it’s definitely out of the box. What used to be bizarre, silly and weird before is cool and in vogue now. Here are some of our favourite hair trends that people are trying out and you also need to! Unique Hair Trends To Try This Season rainbow hair coloured look Courtesy: The Gloss 1.The Rainbow Hair Well, this one is here to stay! Gone are the times when people were scared of hair colour. They have upgraded to try not one but, a combination of hair dyes all at once. The rainbow hair trend is growing around the world, and we’re definitely in love. Think it’s too much maintenance and commitment for you? Don’t worry! The BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colours are your perfect getaway from the mundane black hair for a night! Available in five different colours, use one or all to give your hair a unique and edgy look. pink hair with white glitter Courtesy: Pop Sugar 2.Glitter In The Roots Back in the ‘90s, dancers used to put glitter into their hair before the performance. The look makes your hair appear like a galaxy of stars. Sprinkle the stardust with the help of a foundation brush near the partition and you’re all set to look like the shining superstar that you are. For the bright pink colour like the one in the picture, use the BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour in Blush Pink. brown hair with star glitter Courtesy: Threads | WeRIndia 3.Hair Stickers If Miley Cyrus can try it, you can too! Your childhood obsession with stickers is back as a hair trend now. Have fun with some colourful and funky stickers or put on an elegant style with small stars. Here’s your time to be playful and bold with your hair. Use the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish for Instant Shine to give your hair some added glam and turn heads at the next party you attend! red hair colour extensions 4. Coloured Hair Extensions Coloured hair extensions are god’s gift to humanity. All the brilliant possibilities they hold for us to experiment with our hair without any risk of damage is just amazing! Braid them up or let them fall loose with your locks, clip them on however you want, because you just can’t go wrong with a colour quickie! Get your favourite or get all of the BBLUNT Colour Quickies Clip-On Hair Extensions and have some fun with your hair without any commitment. Need more style tips to keep up with the trends of the year? Check out the Top Hairstyle Trends for 2018.
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