Wet Vs Dry: How Should You Cut Your Hair?

We cannot think of cutting our hair at a salon without shampooing it first. Traditionally, hair stylists the world over would cut hair only after wetting the hair and gauging the guidelines from the wetness. Most hair experts would say that they would still prefer to start cutting hair when it's wet because that's when they see the hair in its most natural form. And who doesn't enjoy a head massage and aromatic shampoo before surrendering to the snips and cuts! Experts also say that wet hair ensures precision and accuracy.
But there are other theories that are being propagated in salons here and abroad that dry cutting ensures a cleaner cut and less damage to your hair.
Then there's another school of thought that advocates both. "Choosing between wet and dry or wet to dry depends on the hair texture, the choice of technique and what the desired finished result is," says Avan Contractor, co-founder and creative director, BBLUNT.
Priscilla Corner, founder, June Tomkyns, recommends a bit of both. "Personally, cutting hair wet, post a shampoo, means I get the pleasure of running my fingers and snippers through the aromatic squeaky clean tresses - most of you, after a pamper session at the shampoo station are in a relaxed enough mood to be open to any suggestion, daring or otherwise, I may offer for a cut!" she says. "Dry cutting, on the other hand, is a great way of removing bulk - this is impossible to do while the hair is wet as we never can identify, accurately, exactly which area needs the most tress shed."
So, choose wisely!

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