What Kind Of Groom Are You

As the wedding season approaches brides-to-be are running around buying the perfect makeup products. But what do guys do on the wedding day? We have our facial hair to plan and perfect. It’s a whole new playing field when it comes to facial hair. We’ve got a number of suggestions and solutions with our groom’s guide below to ease the wedding day stress! What Kind Of Groom Are You The Classic Clean Courtesy: Pinterest 1. The Classic Clean Smart, neat and never out of style. This classic look is at sharp as it gets. When going for the clean-shaven look, it is important to get the hair on top looking right! Add some gloss with the BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel. Going clean is timeless and is considered as a safe option, it promises no cringing as you look back on photos a few years after the beautiful day. The Slight Stubble Courtesy: Pinterest 2. The Slight Stubble A natural 5 o’clock shadow look gives the impression of a guy who is calm and collected. At a formal wedding event, it’s a cool, edgy look to sport. Getting the right level of stubble is key. A stubble with uneven growth will bring about a look of shabbiness, so be careful with your choice! Stubbles usually go well with matte hair. Use the BBLUNT itMATTers Zero Shine Moulding Clay to perfect the slight stubble look for the wedding day! The Full-Grown Beard Courtesy: wedmegood 3. The Full-Grown Beard Sporting a beard on a wedding can be a bit risky. There is more scope for disobedient hairs to ruin the photos. A beard must be well trimmed to bring about a cool, manly look. Using a good trimmer, you can bring about a well-defined look of precision. We suggest, experimenting a bit before the wedding if it doesn’t work out, a clean shave will save the day! Looking for inspiration? Check out How To Groom Your Beard Like Shahid Kapoor.
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