What Your Bridal Hairstyle Says About You

As a bride, you have so many things to take care of and your hair is a major part of it. Today we spell out for you what each hairstyle says about the bride that wears it. Let this serve as a starting point in choosing your best look for the most important day! What Your Bridal Hairstyle Says About You

1. Long, Loose Cascading Waves This bride is casual, easygoing and loves simplicity. Her wedding will feel more like a party than a formal affair. This bride might mix it up by adding a flower above the ear or a very simple tiara, but overall, she wants to feel and look like herself.

2. Romantic Upsweep This bride is unique and romantic and tends to love hairstyles that reflect that. She chooses to wear her hair up, which shows she wants to feel a bit more formal than how she does every day.

3. Sophisticated Chignon In everyday life, this bride carries herself very well with confidence and assurance and often that can be mistaken for snobbery. This bride is all about glamour and class and thus everyone will be expecting her to wear a structured hairstyle because it’s simply who she is.

4. Vintage Flair This bride is trendy and not shy about doing something out of the norm. This bride is typically sweet with an overall vintage theme regarding what she tends to wear. And on her big day, she wants to feel sexy, sophisticated and fun: the very best of everything vintage.

5. Classic Ponytail She loves low-maintenance, easygoing styles and while she loves rocking a casual look like our long loose, waved bride, she is much more of a tomboy. She favors looks that are super comfortable and easy, but still a step from her everyday looks.

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