What Your Hair Colour Shade Says About You

Your hair colour says a lot about you, ready to vouch for what's true and what's not? Take a look at these colours and their colour scope. Are you a blonde but a brunette at heart? Your time to decide. Be true to your colour, ladies, and shine on. What Your Hair Colour Shade Says About You

1. Blonde This colour says your youthful, nave and obedient. Gentlemen have more fondness for blondes! People think you may be high maintenance, but that's not really true, is it? Blondes are always sexy and fabulous with anything and everything they decide to wear.

2. Brunette This hue says you work hard at your job but are likely to give up easily at times. Your nature is more serious and you solidify long- term relationships. Just cause you don't have a bright colour on you, you are still as fun! Your friends ask you for their advice since you are the most reliable and smart.

3. Red Or Burgundy You are feisty, alluring, passionate and romantic! A strong opinion is what you like to share in a conversation. Exciting endeavours make you creatively more inspired. If you were compared to an animal, you would most probably be a vixen! Fiery and beautiful. You are always the preferred job candidate because of your quick thinking and leadership skills.

4. Black, You are considered to be an expert in finance, is that true? You are deep, more concerned about the future as a whole. The answers are always within you. You are quite the popular girl around town, arent you? Whatever colour you may be, we're confident that you'll shine in your very own way!

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