Your Weapon Of Mane Restruction

Let your hair do all the talking! Use the right brush for your mane to make it set to perfection. The right brush is as important as the right shampoo for your hair. Take a look below and check out your mane match. Your Weapon Of Mane Restruction Whats The Best Brush To Use For Your Hair Courtesy” Morrocco Method 1. The Boar Bristle Brush This brush is almost great for every type of hair. The natural bristles help distribute the natural oils of your scalp from root to tip. The bristles are flexible and won’t break your hair while brushing through it. Perfect for styling, it also helps detangling those rebellious knots. Whats The Best Brush To Use For Your Hair Courtesy: Hair 2. The Paddle Brush If you have straight hair, you must invest in this brush! The flat surface is perfect for smoothening and detangling hair. For a real good blow out use this brush to set the look. a23 Courtesy: Lucky Lifestyles 3. The Wide Toothed Comb This tool is perfect for detangling wet hair. For thick curly hair, it makes life so much easier. This comb can detangle your curls without ruining the shape of them. To get knot free curls, use this mane tool in the shower before you condition your hair. Whats The Best Brush To Use For Your Hair Courtesy: Sunnybrush 4. The Round Bristle Brush If you blow dry your hair often, this baby will definitely come in handy. Wrap the hair around the barrel to create stylish curls. This isn’t the best for detangling but helps you get an amazing blow out! The bigger the barrel, the straighter your hair will be, so depending upon the look you want, buy the right size. Check out 6 things you shouldn't do to your hair in the shower.
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