When & How To Use Dry Shampoo When Styling Your Hair

These dry shampoo hacks will make your hair look amazing anywhere anytime. BBLUNTs Back To Life Dry Shampoo, is a quick fix every girl needs on her bag at all times. For all those bad hair days, or lazy shower days spray some dry shampoo to your mane and voila! You are ready for your night-out. When & How To Use Dry Shampoo When Styling Your Hair:

1. Spritz it on dry hair Your dry shampoo will work best when it is sprayed on to dry hair. Dont make the mistake of spraying it on wet or freshly washed hair, its best for days that hair is unwashed and greasy!

2. Distance is required When spritzing on the dry shampoo keep a little distance from your hair. At least 6 inches is required from the scalp. Spray it on, leave it for two minutes and just run the brush through your hair.

3. Keep adding it on Once you have used the dry shampoo, check if you have missed out any spots along the way. You can either comb your hair to distribute it evenly or add spray it again on those areas. So, there is nothing wrong with adding more after you first spray!

4. Good boost If you use the dry shampoo correctly, it can also help building volume to your hair. It adds texture to your hair. For all those day and night-outs this will be your hair secret.

5. Never Touch Your Hair Once you have sprayed the dry shampoo, make sure you dont touch your hair. The oil from your fingertips makes your hair greasy. So always get those hands off the mane!

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