Which Hair Colour Shade Goes Well With Your Skin Tone?

Change is constant, and changing your hair colour is the best kind of change that you can pamper yourself with! Want to colour your hair but are confused about which colour will suit you the best? Read on, and get a step closer to perfectly coloured hair! Which Hair Colour Shade Goes Well With Your Skin Tone 1. Melanin Magic Melanin is known to be a natural substance which gives your skin, hair and eyes their colour. The amount and type of melanin you have, determines which makeup colours work best on you, and also which shade of hair colour will be the most flattering. Figure out which skin tone you have and work through your Melanin Magic! 2. Warm Skin Tone If youve always been told that you look beautiful in bright colours like reds, pinks and yellows, then you have a warm skin tone. The rule for hair colours, too, is the same. You should opt for statement hair colours like pink, copper or bronze. These colours make your light fair skin stand out and give your face a beautiful glow. 3. Cool Skin Tone Slightly darker skin, has a cool tone to it! Colours like greens and blues definitely go well with this, and make your skin look even cooler than it is. All you dusky beauties should go for these funky hair colours as they bring out the best in you, while retaining your casual vibe. Greens and blues are known to give you that perfect eye-catching look. While youre already out there, looking for that perfect shade, you could match it with your eyes too! If youre part of the rare few, who have green eyes, or youre a blue-eyed beauty, cooler and softer colours will suit you. If you have gorgeous brown eyes, or you have jet black eyes, warmer brighter colours are what you should opt for. Once youve figured out which skin tone you have, all you have to do, is go out there and get that colour!
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