Which Hair Cut Will Suit Your Face Shape?

the length of your face shape.

the length of your face shape.Picking the right hair stylist who understands what you want and what your hair needs is super important. He or she must always cut and style your hair on the basis of your natural hair type to ensure maintenance is easy and a natural style that works best for your personality is covered. A great hairstyle starts with being versatile and easy to carry but most important of all it must suit the shape of your face. So wake up and smell the contours! And know what hairstyle will suit your features. You wouldn’t want those perfect high cheek bones to be covered with long layers, or your slightly longer nose to be enhanced with a perfect pixie haircut! Know your shape and chose the hairstyle that suits your face best so you can look like the best possible for you.

Find The Right Cut For Your Face Shape

1. Round Face If your hair is long, try a hairstyle to slim down on those cheeks instantly by wearing your hair in loose waves to give it volume.  If your hair is short- a pixie cut would turn out to be a blessing for women with a round face. Another beautiful style to pick if you want to embrace the shape of your face is an updo.

shilpa shetty hairstyles

Shilpa Shetty chooses to embrace her face shape with flawless loose waves to compliment her high cheekbones

2. Heart-Breaker A face-framing bob will be the perfect hairstyle for your heart-shaped face. Without drawing too much attention to the chin, the slight angle of this bob gives it a modern feel.  Loose and flowy waves also compliment your lovable face shape. Create fullness where a heart shaped face needs it the most by curling just the bottom half of your hair.

deepika padukone hairstyles  

Ironic how one of the most loved faces in Bollywood has heart shaped face! Deepika Padukone stays true to her signature waves wherever she goes.

3. Box Shaped Face When you have a square type, boxed face, your main goal should be to get a hairstyle that softens the shape of your face. The best hairstyle for you would belong layers turning inward to make the face look narrow. The long bob or the ‘Lob’ is a spot-on style for this angular face.

anushka sharma hairstyles

Anushka Sharma chooses wavy layers that compliment her square shaped face perfectly.

4. Long/Oval Face Those who are blessed with a long or oval face shape have a choice to choose from a multitude of hairstyles that are available. A jaw skimming bob is full of texture, star of hairstyles for a long face. Other hairstyles like a long side braid with a long bang on the side helps to draw attention away from the length of the face. You can also choose to keep it long and layered to compliment the length of your face.

katrina kaif hairstyles 

Katrina Kaif strays away from experimenting and keeps it simple with a hairstyle that compliments her blessed oval-shaped face. So go on and get a style that suits your face shape! Also, never be afraid of adding a bit more of edge.

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