Why No Ammonia Is The Way To Go

In this new age of hair colouring, it is vital to investigate the chemicals that go into the hair colour you choose to use. You need to get your dream colour on your hair without the chemicals. For maximum protection, make sure you always choose an ammonia-free hair product. Why No Ammonia Is The Way To Go

1. What Is Ammonia? Ammonia is a chemical that is frequently used in hair colour & dyes. It is used in hair colour to heighten the PH levels of your hair to open up the hair cuticle, so it absorbs the colour easily. As the colour enters the cortex it gives the user great visual results instantly. This method of colouring is outdated & very damaging long term for the user’s hair & health.

2. Why Is Ammonia Harmful? Our skin & hair absorbs a certain percentage of anything that we put on it. Exposure to even low concentrations of ammonia can cause aggressive irritation to your skin & eyes.Long term ammonia usage causes the PH levels to stay high to the extent that they cannot go back to their ideal levels, leading to the cuticles being left open permanently. This causes a constant protein and moisture loss in hair leading to a decline in the quality & health of your hair.

3. Why Bollywood Chooses BBLUNT & Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour BBLUNT found it necessary to provide a solution to our clients to give them a safe, ammonia free alternative for salon like shine at home. In addition to being ammonia-free, our 3 part revolutionary formula also includes a secret ingredient, Shine Tonic, to add an extra boost of shine to your hair while coloring it. This is what makes our brand Kareena’s favourite & also Bollywood’s most trusted brand in Haircare & Styling today.

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