Why You Should Use A Wooden Comb For Your Mane

There can’t be that much of a difference between using a wooden comb over a plastic one right? Except, there is. Here’s why it’s time to switch to a wooden comb! Why You Should Use A Wooden Comb For Your Mane 1) Softer feel If you’re currently using a plastic or metal brush, the bristles can be a little rough on your scalp. Wooden combs give a much softer feel as their bristles are soft and polished. This allows your wooden comb to prevent any damage, scraping or bruising to your scalp. 2) Distributes natural oils Wooden bristles act as a great conditioner for your mane. As you comb your hair with a wooden comb, your hair’s natural oils are evenly distributed from your scalp to your ends. This prevents your hair from getting too greasy or too dry. 3) Static-free What you will often find with your normal brush or comb is that the bristles are producing static and a lot of it – it almost makes you feel like Lion King! A property of wood is that it does not conduct any electricity, so it does not produce any static. This prevents your hair from snapping. 4) Reduced dandruff If your scalp is prone to a lot of dandruff, the wooden bristles can help eliminate it. Regularly using your wooden comb will stop your strands from getting too dry and will evenly distribute natural oils throughout your strands. 5) Massages scalp Do you ever just wish for a head massage on but don’t have the time for it? Firstly, the feel of the bristles of your wooden comb will feel amazing on your scalp, almost as if someone’s giving you a massage. Massaging your scalp promotes hair growth and stimulates acupressure points. An added bonus is that it increases the blood flow in your scalp, distributes nutrients throughout your strands and removes impurities.
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