Why Your Hair Needs That Ultimate Shine Factor

Crave to be that girl with beautiful shiny hair in those product advertisements? Well, you aren’t that far from getting there. Read these shine tips below, and you will shine through every day! Why Your Hair Needs That Ultimate Shine Factor

1. O Mane Apply some olive oil onto your hair before you wash it. Massage your scalp and your hair properly and leave the oil for a few hours. This helps you get oil-free hair.

2. Cold is Gold Make sure you always wash your hair with cold water. Using hot water eventually ruins the softness and quality of your hair. It also rids your hair of the essential natural oils. Cold water naturally gives your hair that shine and gloss.

3. Conditioner To get a solid shine every time you wash your hair, use the right nourishing conditioner on your hair. Always leave the conditioner on your hair for some time before you wash it up. Even a natural conditioner like vinegar will give you the result you want.

4. Warning: It’s Wet Never ever comb your hair when it’s wet, it will cause breakage and excess frizz. This ultimately leads to split ends. So let your dry out before you decide to comb it.

5. Bristles, Only Natural Plastic bristles of a comb or brush, remove the natural shine and glossiness of your hair. Always go for natural bristles on the brush or comb to get that shine and envious mane look.

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